Looking for a professional accordionist, teacher, manufacturer, instrument or accessories? Looking for ANYTHING to do with the accordion?

With your help, we will maintain a list of all the above and would be able to refer you to somebody who could help.

These requests are handled via e-mail only: info@accordionsa.co.za or info@trekklavier.co.za

For information on local gatherings that are happening in your area, please advise us, then we will publish it on the calendar section of the website. Information can also be provided regarding accordion teachers, repairers, sheet music, accordionists for hire and instruments and accessories.

Gallery of Accordion Activists  2011 – 2014

Magali Crosthwaite, Zariana Ross, Wynand Burger

Magali mags pic

Zariana Ross

Wynand Burger




Sergio Zampolli, Dirk van Dellen and East Rand Boys

thumb-01 thumb-02 thumb-03





Claudio Alho, Stanislav Angelov and Leon Oosthuizen

thumb-04 thumb-05 thumb-06





Lieb Bester, Martin Beyers and Olie Viljoen

thumb-07 thumb-08 thumb-09





Paul Ferns, Srdjian Budimir and Theo Erasmus

thumb-10 thumb-11 thumb-12

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